Press Release: December 2012


December 11, 2012 07:15 AM Eastern Time

Arthur Lipper’s British Far East Holdings Ltd.
Announces Launch of Two Websites

SAN DIEGO–(REUTERS AND BUSINESS WIRE)–British Far East Holdings Ltd. (San Diego, CA) announces that it is launching two new websites supporting the view of Arthur Lipper, its Chairman, that: Royalties are the better way of financing early stage companies and investing in privately owned businesses, as well as for entrepreneurs to raise capital.

The website is a free tool for planning, understanding and negotiating royalty-based transactions.

The website is a free and open forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences regarding the use of royalties in the financing of companies.

Royalty-release-quotePreviously, Arthur Lipper has been responsible for a number of investment industry innovations and he now believes that royalties, using his patented approach, will become the standard way well-advised investors will finance businesses.

He also believes that entrepreneurs and established business owners will be more successful in raising capital if they offer investors revenue sharing, as opposed to minority ownership.

The British Far East Holdings Ltd. patented approach specifically addresses two of the most troubling aspects of using royalties to finance businesses; when the royalty holder is paid and how is contractual compliance enforced.

Lipper asks, “Why would an investor accept the relatively powerless and inherently conflicted position of owning a minority interest in a company, if owning a percentage of the company’s revenues, for an agreed period, was an option?”

Lipper also states that “Entrepreneurs and established business owners are better served in their quest for capital by accepting a reduction in levels of projected profits, due to royalty payment obligations, as a trade-off for retaining more of their equity, if the company is to be as successful as they expect.”

He noted that “Royalty holders do not vote, are not concerned with executive compensation and are not likely to pressure management to report ever increasing quarterly profits. Royalty holders only have an ownership of the agreed percentage of the royalty issuer’s revenues.”

The RoyaltyFinancingCalculator website will be of specific interest to attorneys, accountants, business owners, entrepreneurs, investment bankers and investors.

The RoyaltyDialogueExchange website will also interest academics, students and financial journalists as it will be a place for those of differing views and experiences to communicate. The RoyaltyDialogueExchange website will accept single column ads from advertisers offering royalty relevant products and services.


British Far East Holdings Ltd.
Arthur Lipper, Chairman